"Cancertainment" - Gallery Installation

My battle with cancer is one of my life-changing experiences that is often difficult to share. In my work I use humor and interactivity to invite the viewer to go beyond their traditional role as spectator. Games are also a natural vehicle for opening this sort of dialogue. By taking an ironic approach to this potentially uncomfortable topic, I hope to demystify the experience of the disease, raise awareness, and connect with the viewer on a deeper emotional level. The project featured over 50 Flash animations that depicted the real-life experiences of cancer survivors, verbally contributed by friends, family, and other will participants. These experiences, both good and bad, dictated the player’s progress through the game. The player would be challenge to climb a small flight of 3 stairs, but quickly encounter various "setbacks" that would hinder (or aid) their progress. Once reaching the top step (at the end of the game), the player would spin the “Wheel of Survival” to determine their fate. The wheel was a complex infographic breaking down survival statistics by gender, race, and anatomical site.

Yellow Testicular Cancer Animations

Pink Breast Cancer Animations


Green Blood Cancer Animations

Orange Skin Cancer Animations

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