Animation & Video

A series of personal and professional animation and video projects
Cancer Battle II (2007)

Following my recovery from testicular cancer in 2006, I decided to create a follow-up to my original animation to celebrate my remission. I developed a superhero persona called "The Uniballer" and created this animated short. With the help of my fiancee, my brother-in-law, and the unwitting but cooperative residents of Ocean City NJ, this video earned a lot of positive attention from local charities such as the American Cancer Society. 

Cancer Battle I (2006)

In 2006 I created this animation as a personal therapeutic art project, depicting my actual battle with cancer by personifying my disease as a tangible, black blob monster which I could physically battle and overcome. I was sick when I made this video (that will be evident while watching), and now thankfully I am more than 5 years in remission. The animation was rotoscoped in Corel Painter IX , and edited together inSony Vegas Video software. Please forgive the crude resolution and rudimentary animation techniques, and focus on the sentiment behind the project. 


My battle with cancer is one of my life-changing experiences that is often difficult to share. In my work I use humor and interactivity to invite the viewer to go beyond their traditional role as spectator. Games are also a natural vehicle for opening this sort of dialogue. By taking an ironic approach to this potentially uncomfortable topic, I hope to demystify the experience of the disease, raise awareness, and connect with the viewer on a deeper emotional level.

Oscar Interview

As a young man I worked in a seasosonal camp program called Summer Theater, where I regularly performed a heckling puppet character named Oscar. His ongoing rivalry with the camp's director Elliott was a source of amusement for audiences as well as the camp's staff. In this Flash animation we go "behind the scenes" to get his take on their relationship.

Beware the Orange Ball

An excercise in stop-motion animation. Created in a day using animator's molding clay and a laptop camera.

Video Graffiti

SPOILER ALERT: This animated satire contains spoilers which may ruin the ending of some of the best movies ever made if you've never seen them. Included: A Few Good Men, The Godfather, Casablanca, Aliens, 12 Angry Men, Shawshank Redemption, The Usual Suspects.

Longtail Ads Promo

A 60-second promotional video for the digital signage company The Longtail Ad, which offers video advertising services in the Central New Jersey region.

E is for Elbow

Written by Connie Bryson and performed by Coleman Mellett, I created this animation to be the first in a series of alphabet-themed educational children's videos.